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Unlike in the UK, a plot in Spain is not usually on flat land. There are often significant variations in height, steep climbs and granite beds, which can present some extra challenges before the building work can be started. Before preparing the site for the project, it is important to have some clear ideas about what you would like done with the exterior part of the plot.

Would you like to have a beautiful garden, a pool, a herb garden, a lawn, fruit trees?

Authoras´ geology experts and gardeners are happy to give you an idea of what is possible on your plot, and what it could look like.

We build your ideas

Energy optimization

All our projects are energy optimised according to the Spanish legislation, and if you wish, to an even higher standard.
If your project or property is already built, then you may need to increase its energy efficiency. At Authoras People, we have a wide range of green energy solutions, ranging from heat pumps to solar panels and electronic control of your energy consumption. With our help, your property will not only meet the legal requirements, but we can make you almost independent of the electricity and gas companies. We find you the best products within your budget and take care of the installation so that you get maximum use of your investment right from the first day.

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