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People who build for you!

Authoras People is a Danish-owned construction company with more than 30 years of experience in Spain. We build, renovate, and invest in a wide variety of projects which match our areas of expertise.

Construction: Private and commercial properties

If you are considering building a private or commercial property or perhaps embarking on a larger project, then you would be well advised to consult us, as Authoras People is one of the most experienced foreign construction companies in Spain.


If you have an idea for a larger project with several properties, an apartment building or perhaps a larger development, then you are in luck, for this is where Authoras People really shines!

Renovation, extension or demolition of existing properties

If your property needs a “makeover”, if you need more space or wish to make better use of the existing space, we are there for you. We have completed countless conversions of Spanish properties, combining Spanish architecture with Scandinavian design and thus creating a highly efficient and elegant use of space.