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We have guided and worked on a wide variety of larger construction projects over the course of the last 30 years.

Do you have an idea?

If you have an idea for a larger project with several properties, an apartment building or perhaps a larger development, then you are in luck, for this is where Authoras People really shines!

Our extensive experience

This extensive experience enables us to guide any project from start to finish, if you so desire. Alternatively we can step in and help you at any point during its development, from finding a suitable plot of land to delivering a turnkey solution.
We can also help you in financing the project, finding partners or even joining you as a partner.

Seasoned partners

We have tried more or less everything in Spain over the last 30 years, and thus we have created a large network of contacts that can help us (and you) to get started quickly, get the project approved by the local and regional councils, and get the construction underway as soon as possible. We also ensure the partial approvals and the final commissioning permit, all on time and within your budget.