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Extension or demolition of existing properties

Does your property need a makeover?

If your property needs a “makeover”, if you need more space or wish to make better use of the existing space, we are there for you. We have completed countless conversions of Spanish properties, combining Spanish architecture with Scandinavian design and thus creating a highly efficient and elegant use of space.
This is not as simple as it sounds, as it requires a great deal of experience with Spanish constructions to know where previous craftsmen may have “bent the rules” or where savings may have been made at the expense of durability or safety.

We realize your ideas

We listen to your ideas and needs and make sure we incorporate them as our central focus from start to finish. You can participate as much as you wish in the project, the selection of materials and so on.
Most importantly, we make sure that everything is done according to the Spanish regulations, with all the necessary approvals and licenses safely in place. That is your guarantee that everything will run smoothly without any ´unpleasant surprises´ during or after the construction work!

Materials ready for the project

If you want to extend your property, we provide the drawings and applications needed to obtain planning permission. We also provide partial approvals that must be obtained during the project.
If the project requires that a property be demolished before you can get started, we will also handle that part.